History From the Beginning

The Cuyahoga Valley, and its National Park, is rich in historical sites. The park allows one to access information about how life in this region was in the previous generations. One should in no way think, that this region is only about sightseeing in nature. The Cuyahoga Valley, is rich in cultural facts and educational tools. This can be implemented in order to broaden a person’s knowledge about the area, and how it impacted the overall region, and the entire country. Events that happened in this region in the previous centuries, affected life in all different types of economical and scientific ways.

The main factors that facilitated these changes were the Cuyahoga Valley itself, and the people associated with it. Within the area, breakthroughs in different industries took place, as well as new discoveries within the study of science and nature. The people who either lived within the valley, or who passed through, contributed immensely to spreading some of the ideas that were constantly being developed in the region.

Recent Changes

For many years, the area and the local residents took advantage of the region, and its large supply of natural resources. After decades of use, especially during the time of the industrial revolution, the Cuyahoga Valley had become riddled with pollution, and overall lack of maintenance.

In the early 1900’s there was a new movement slowly spreading across the United States. They were trying to promote the idea of protecting and improving the situations, in which many beautiful areas of the country had been left neglected. One area that came to their attention, was the Cuyahoga Valley. These people felt that the area should be improved, so as to have a place where the noble citizens of the country could go and enjoy nature, without having to travel across the country. There were huge city centers that contained hundreds of thousands of people, that were located mere miles from the park. The Cuyahoga Valley, seemed like the perfect place to establish a National Park.

The Conclusion

After decades of work by Congressmen and local lay leaders, the Cuyahoga Valley was able to procure the necessary funding to be revamped. It has been enjoyed by droves of people over the years, who travel from near and far to marvel in its beauty.