Among the many different types of animals found in the Cuyahoga Valley one is certain to discover numerous types of reptiles. With over 20 species of snakes and turtles, the Cuyahoga Valley National Park, and the surrounding areas, are one of the regions best place to find these types of creatures.

Reptiles are very important parts of the ecosystem in which they live, and help the overall regional habitat. As natural hunters, snakes feast on small mammals and other small creatures. They also serve as food for larger animals like foxes, and several birds. Turtles are generally plant eating, and their diets usually consist of large amounts of leaves, shoots and water plants. They are the food favorite of some types of birds.

The following is some details about these two sets of reptile species.


Like many types of animals in Cuyahoga Valley, all the species of turtles are protected by the National Park Services. There are even records of Spotted Turtles. This is a rare type of turtle, that finds itself on threatened species lists in several states.


The snake types that are found in the park have decided to choose the Cuyahoga Valley as their residence, due to its many wetlands. There are several types of water snakes that are found in the region. Fortunately, none of the snakes that are found in the Cuyahoga Valley contain a poisonous bite.
Many of the different reptiles can be observed in, or around, Beaver Marsh. As one of the bigger wet areas in Cuyahoga Valley National Park, several snakes and turtles flock to the marsh to enjoy the water, rocks and massive supply of plant and animal life. One can watch snakes as they slither around looking for a duck, beaver, or raccoon as a fresh meal. The logs, rocks and tall grass serve as excellent hiding places for the snakes. It’s also a great place to relax and digest its recent catch.