The Cuyahoga Valley is a place, where any visitor will surely be amazed at the diversity of different ecosystems it contains. With several types of wet areas like marshes, ponds and wetlands, it’s an area of nature which is able to support thousands of species of animals and plants.

The National Park, within the preserved area of the region, has been working hard to constantly improve the area, and make it more sustainable as a natural habitat for all of its wildlife. Since 1974, when the region was made into an official National Recreation Area, and continuing through to the year 2000, when it was named a National Park, there have been enormous efforts in making sure the Cuyahoga Valley, and the areas around it, are under good care.

One of the main features in the Cuyahoga Valley is its namesake, the Cuyahoga River. This long river winds its way through vast tracts of the valley, and is home to many types of fish, birds, insects and reptiles. It also helps much of the surrounding plant life to thrive. There are constant plans, that are enacted and implemented, to make the river cleaner. This benefits the entire site.

There are many forest areas, which offer beautiful opportunities in which to hike. One can marvel at the impressive heights of the trees, and different types of plant life, that can be found in the National Park.

There are over 100 bodies of water located within the Cuyahoga Valley. This includes, ponds, lakes, marshes and streams. Though many of them were hand made in previous centuries for agricultural use, they serve very important roles in the overall ecosystem in the area. Many animals, of all different species, have taken up homes in, and around, these wet areas. As is well known, wetlands are some of richest resources of animal and plant life.

All of the different natural features of the Cuyahoga valley are being monitored on a constant basis. The purpose for this is to collect data which is given to the federally controlled National Park Services. They use the information, and decide on the best ways to protect and improve the ecosystems in the valley.