When planning your trip, one might want to consider bringing your bikes due to the fact that Cuyahoga Valley has four bicycle trails that you’ll love. Riding along along side beautiful scenery will surely guarantee a memorable trip.

If bringing bikes is too difficult, one need not worry about not enjoying the wonderful biking opportunities at Cuyahoga Valley National Park. There are plenty of places to rent.

To start with, there’s the Ohio and Erie Towpath Trail. This is a great trail for families, since the trail is fully accessible. There are also picnic areas, bathrooms, and train access areas, at which point one can stop and rest, for an even more enjoyable bike ride. This trail runs along the historical Ohio and Erie Canal route. This should make for a really interesting ride. After twenty miles of riding in Cuyahoga Valley National Park, the trail will lead you farther into the Ohio and Erie Canalway.

If biking both ways is too much strain for someone, there is a program called, “Bike Aboard!”, where one can bike one direction of the Towpath Trail, and take a train back. This enables you to sit back and relax, after a tiring day of biking. You can get on the train by flagging one down at boarding stations by waving both of your arms. When you board, there’s a fee of three dollars that must be paid per person over three years of age.

Another beautiful trail one might want to try is the Metro Parks, Serving Summit County Bike and Hike Trail. This trail is definitely the best for family bike rides, because it’s an asphalt trail which is run by Metro Parks, Serving Summit County. Almost 16 miles of the trail encircle the park. If one wants to access the Towpath Trail, then you can ride the connector trail, close to Holzhauer Road South of SR 82.

The last trail that is worth checking out, is the Cleveland Metroparks All Purpose Trails. As one can deduce from the name, it’s an all purpose trail which allows you to bike, run, walk, or roller blade. There are over 60 mile of paved trails for you to ride on. No cars are allowed on the all purpose trails.

Biking in Cuyahoga Valley National Park can be an amazing experience. It’s a fun way to explore the park, while also getting some exercise. If you can’t bring your bike, or your bike is damaged, you should check out the bike shops that offer rentals and repairs. Enjoy the trails.