Cuyahoga Valley National Park is known to be a perfect place for bird watching. The National Audubon Society has made it an official, “Important Bird Area.” Bird watching is one of the most enjoyable activities to do in the Cuyahoga Valley. You can glimpse at more than over 200 different kinds of birds. It is truly amazing to see so many types of birds in one place.

During March and November, a great place to go bird watching is, Beaven Marsh/Mixed Wetland. The reason for this is, because these months are when the swimming birds migrate. These migrating birds need a place to feed and rest, and the Wetlands provide it for them. You can take a nice stroll on the boardwalk for great bird watching . One can see wood duck familes in the water, tree swallows eating insects, and hear the swamp sparrow’s unique tweet. You can access the Beaver Marsh from the Towpath Trail, in middle of the Ira and Hunt Farm Trailheads.

There are many northern birds one can view in the Ledges/Hemlock and Mixed Ravine Forest. There are winter wrens, solitary vireos, black throated green warblers, and hermit thrushes seen here. Up until late April, is the ideal time to go bird watching. This forest is a cooler area, which makes it easier for the birds to stay there throughout the summer.

Horseshoe Pond/ Mixed Evergreen and Fields has nice spacious areas bordering the beautiful evergreen forests. You may be able to see small flocks of eastern bluebirds. If one is there from late October to early March, you should grab the opportunity to view the red-breasted nuthatches and golden-crowned kinglets.

In Bath Road and Pinery Narrows/ Floodpain and Mixed Swamp, there are mighty herons who are four-feet tall, with seven-foot wingspans. During the months of February through July, big blue herons are nesting in the heronries. They are most remarkable to watch, when performing courtship displays during the breeding season.

When visiting the Former Coliseum Site/Grassland, the park requests people to only watch from the perimeters of the grassland, while the birds are in nesting season. This takes place from April to August. There is an extremely wide variety of birds one might see in this area including the eastern meadowlark, grasshopper sparrow, bobolink, savannah sparrow,and henslow’s sparrow. When migration time comes around, it brings with it shore birds and various hawks.

Come check out the amazing bird watching opportunities in Cuyahoga Valley National Park. Don’t forget to bring a pair of binoculars with you, so that you can it experience it firsthand.