One of the main attractions of the Cuyahoga Valley is its namesake, the Cuyahoga River. This large river, which spans large parts of northeastern Ohio, is the perfect natural backdrop for an incredible exploring experience in the Cuyahoga Valley.

The best way to enjoy the rush of the Cuyahoga river, canoeing or kayaking inside it. There are some excellent areas along the river where boating is very enjoyable, as it allows you to really absorb the beauty of this gorgeous region.

Within the sprawling Cuyahoga Valley National Park, there is no official law against canoeing or kayaking in the river. However, the National Park Services highly discourage the use of the river. This is due to the fact, that slightly upstream there is a sewage treatment plant, and at the present time, some of the wastes are spilled into the river. This makes it unfit for any water based activities, and hence the National Park’s advice to avoid usage of the river. There’s also concerns of regular residential sewage overflow from local neighborhoods, that might have seeped into the local ecosystem.

Due to the National Park’s hesitation to allow boating in the river, there are no official launch points for boaters. One is advised to only boat in this part of the river if you’re an advanced boater, and are familiar with setting up a launch point for one’s canoe or kayak.
There are ponds in the National Park, and they are open for canoeing. They have points at which one can enter his watercraft into the water with ease.
If one still wants to properly experience canoeing or kayaking on the Cuyahoga River, one can do this, by making your way upstream by car, 15 minutes north. In the Upper Cuyahoga River, one will find several locations and private companies that offer these boating options. One not need worry about water quality, as this is located several miles upstream of the treatment plant. The river at that point is approximately 5 feet deep, and one can drift at 3 miles an hour. Some of the boating trips can last up to 5 hours, so you’ll have plenty of time to enjoy the breathtaking sights of the Cuyahoga Valley, as you glide through it, on your canoe or kayak.