Cuyahoga Valley National Park is a green oasis just outside of Ohio’s most populated cities of Cleveland and Akron.

Planned around the winding Cuyahoga River, the Cuyahoga Valley National Park features 33,000 acres of woodlands, rolling hills, and open farmlands. In addition to hiking trails, beautiful rock formations, and historic properties, Cuyahoga Valley Park has four major bicycle trails that are a popular activity for residents and tourists.

The biking trails include the Ohio & Erie Canal Towpath Trail, Summit MetroParks Bike & Hike Trail, and Cleveland Metroparks All-Purpose trails in Brecksville and in Bedford:

Ohio & Erie Canal Towpath Trail

The Towpath Trail is the most popular of all the Cuyahoga trails. The Towpath follows the historic Ohio & Erie Canal route, 20 miles of which, cut through the park. From it you can make connections to many of the natural and historic sites in the park and to other trails that intersect it along the way.

Before 1832, travel was difficult in Ohio; however, the Ohio-Erie Canal provided a successful transportation route from Cleveland (on Lake Erie) to Portsmouth (on the Ohio River. Today you can walk the same path that the mules used to tow the canal boats loaded with goods and passengers. The Towpath Trail is the perfect way to enjoy the beauty of woodlands, fields, and wetlands around the Cuyahoga River Valley. The Towpath Trail is open 24 hours, giving visitors a unique opportunity to explore the region after dark.

The trail extends beyond the park into the Ohio & Erie Canalway and features picnic areas, restrooms, and train access points along the way. Biking enthusiasts can also take advantage of the Bike Aboard! program that allows guests to bike the Towpath Trail in one direction, then take a train for a relaxing ride back to their car. The train can be boarded at stations by waving both arms.

Summit MetroParks Bike & Hike Trail

The Summit MetroParks Bike & Hike trail features almost 16 miles of trail that borders the park. This easy-access asphalt trail is perfect for family bike rides, and a connector trail near Holzhauer Road (south of SR 82) provides access to continue through to the Towpath Trail.

Metroparks All Purpose Trails (Brecksville and Bedford)

The Cleveland Metroparks Department provides over 60 miles of paved, all-purpose trails for biking, walking, running and in-line skating. Visitors to the area can rent bikes at any of the number of bike shops in the area that offer rentals and repairs.